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Charge Electric Bike , First Plug The Power Port, Or Charging Port?

Writer:EZ bikeDate:Apr 8,2018
The correct charging sequence of electric bike: first plug in the battery plug, then plug the plug of the power supply, observe the charging status, the red light is always on, and the whistling sound of the fan is normal. When the power is turned off, pull out the power plug and then pull the plug of the battery .
Why do you have to insert the battery plug and plug in the power port first when charging the electric bicycle?
Since the electric current is large when the electric bicycle is charging, if the charger first inserts the current AC terminal, the charger power supply completes the startup state, so that once the battery is inserted, a large surge of inrush current will be generated, and the excessive inrush current will easily damage the charger and affect the battery life. On the contrary, if we first plug in the battery terminal and then turn on the power supply, since the charger has a soft start process, the charging current will have a gradual rise and start up process, which can protect the charging equipment from surge current impact. The destruction process effectively protects our charging equipment and batteries.

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