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Do You Know The Policy Of The Electric Bike?

Writer:EZ bikeDate:Mar 24,2018
Electric bike refers to the personal and mechanical integration of the operating components such as motors, controllers, batteries, turning handles, and display instrumentation systems on the basis of batteries as an auxiliary energy source.
On January 16, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revised the National Standard for Safety Technical Code for Electric Bicycles, which was submitted to the public on the 16th. It has adjusted some of the technical indicators of electric bicycles. The safety performance of electric bicycles has been comprehensively improved, technical indicators such as tamper-proof, fireproof performance, flame-retardant performance and charger protection have been added, and technical indicators such as speed limit, vehicle quality, and pedaling ability have been adjusted and improved, which can promise us a quite high quality electric bike.
Among them, the maximum speed was adjusted from 20km/h to 25km/h, the vehicle quality (including batteries) was adjusted from 40kg to 55kg, and the motor power was adjusted from 240W to 400W, and the pedal-ride function was mandatory.

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