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The tips of mainten the battery of electric bike

Date:Jan 25,2018

1. Avoid loss of electricity storage, loss of power refers to the battery is not used in time after charging, loss of power state idle longer, the more serious battery damage. When the battery is idle, you should charge it once a month, which can prolong the service life of the battery.

2. To be regularly tested, in the course of the use, if the electric bicycle continued the mileage in a short time suddenly dropped more than ten kilometers, this time, should promptly contact the dealer and technical staff.

3. Do not large current discharge, electric bicycle at the start, manned, uphill, it is best to use pedal help, try to avoid instantaneous large current discharge.

4. To master the charging time, under normal circumstances the battery discharge depth of 60% -70% charge an electric best, the actual use can be converted into a rider mileage, according to the actual situation of the necessary charge, to avoid harmful charges.

5. To prevent high temperature exposure, electric bicycle is prohibited in the sun exposure.

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