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Why do we choose electric bicycle?

Date:Jul 25,2017

As gas prices, obesity and cardiac disease skyrocket, more and more people are looking for sustainable, healthy and cost-effective alternatives for their transport needs – and more and more people are seeing the exciting potential of electric bikes. Electric bikes make cycling possible for average people, not just the lean, young, fit minority. They offer almost everyone a way to travel without gas and get fit at the same time, at a cost that is almost ludicrously cheap compared to cars – and with the peace of mind of knowing you are not destroying the environment.

But a really good electric bike requires an initial investment of more than a thousand dollars, and sensible people don't spend that kind of money without thinking carefully about their purchase. A lot of information is required to ensure you spend your hard-earned money wisely and get years of savings, transport and good health from your purchase.

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