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5 Shortcomings of Electric Bicycle Travel

Writer:EZ bikeDate:Jun 14,2018
Comprehensive evaluation of all parties, the lack of electric bicycle travel assistance is also more obvious.
A relatively heavy, usually weighing 20-30kg, while the average station wagon is between 10-20kg. This also means that if you don't use electric assistance during your journey, you can step on it more than you would with a regular bicycle.
2 The motor and other parts are sophisticated and complicated, once the problem is out, it is not good to repair.
3 Because the road needs to be recharged, riding a moped determines that you can't challenge the uninhabited nomadic riding routes.
4 Looking for a hotel along the way must be tangled in whether the store provides electricity, or else there is no sense of security with more batteries.
5 CN mountain electricbike are more expensive than ordinary bicycles, from 78,000 to 12,000 yuan. There are probably under budgeted riders who can't afford to lose their hands.

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