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Mountain Electric Bike

Writer:EZ bikeDate:Jun 7,2018
The design of the cn mountain electric bike is a traditional mountain bike. The main difference is that a motor is added to the central axis and a lithium battery is placed in the lower tube. The other is their core technology bilateral torque sensor, which can realize independent sensing of the force situation of the left and right feet. When the rider puts his foot on the pedal, the torque sensor can obtain the sensing data, the pedal output situation will be fed back to the control system in real time, and the middle shaft of the “real-time torque acquisition system” will convert the rider's pedaling force to the pedal. 
For the digital signal, it is passed to the torque real-time analysis control system and finally converted into the motor control signal. Through a 36V, 160W high-efficiency brushless motor (2800 rev/min) to provide stable, smooth basic power, and then through a group of precision planets. The speed-reduction mechanism converts the output power of high torque, which drives the bicycle to run smoothly, steadily and forcefully, allowing the rider to feel that it is moving in a very smooth and soft ride.

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