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Electric Bike Charger Parameters Drift

Writer:EZ bikeDate:May 10,2018
The first kind of situation is the parameter drift of hot and cold state, the hot state is lower than the coldest highest voltage value by 0.1V-0.35V. This kind of question causes because the improper selection of the electronic component or the aging condition is not in place.
The second kind of situation is that the electric bike charger is carried by the vehicle and is subject to vibration. The probability of such parameter drift may be very large, and the harm caused to the battery is also fatal. It is recommended that cn electricbicycle supplier will explain the charger to the user when selling the vehicle. Do not take the car with you and take appropriate measures to prevent shocks in the internal structure of the charger.
In short, I hope electricbicycle manufacturer in the design, production and sales should fully consider all aspects affecting the vehicle image, especially the details associated with the operation of the battery to eliminate the potential hidden dangers of electric bicycles to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the electric bicycle industry.

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