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        Control Of Power Consumption Affects The Life Of Electric Bicycle Batteries

        Writer:EZ bikeNumber of visits: Date:2018年4月18日 11:45
        At present, the locks and switch control circuits of the brushless motors in many markets are not the main circuit of the electrical equipment of the electric bicycle. The advantages of this structure are: firstly, the load on the lock is reduced, the cost of the lock can be reduced, and second, the large current of the lock can be avoided. The power consumption of the lock is reduced, and the service life of the lock is extended.
        However, the disadvantage is that the use of the lock can easily lead to overdischarge of the battery pack. From the actual measurement on the market, after the lock is closed, the current consumption of the controller is generally about 15-25mA, and the smallest one is 5mA. The maximum self-consumption current (especially for vehicles with anti-theft alarm devices) is about 150mA.
        Taking a current consumption of 100mA as an example, a 20Ah battery may last only about 12 days and nights. Long-term continuous power consumption causes many vehicles to wait until the vehicle is sold at the dealership and finds that the battery is no longer charged, and even some single 12V battery voltages are only 5V and 6V, resulting in overdischarge, while electric bike wholesaler or users I also mistakenly believe that the battery does not store electricity.
        The effective solution is to remove the power cable from the power box and the vehicle when storing the vehicle, or add electricity in time.

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