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        "Small Marathon Cart" Phenomenon Reduces Battery Life of Electric Bicycles

        Writer:EZ bikeNumber of visits: Date:2018年4月10日 11:36
        This phenomenon of “small horse-drawn carts” reduces the battery life of electric bicycles and often appears on large luxury electric bicycles.
        Currently, luxury electric bicycles on the market are generally welcomed by consumers because of their new style and luxury. However, most luxury style electric bicycles have a running power of over 300 W, and even reach 350-360 W. Many electric bicycle manufacturers and electric bike wholesalers have to reduce the cost, the pursuit of profit, the actual capacity of the battery configuration and the motor power does not match.
        Calculated according to driving power 350W, the average running current is 350W/48V=7.3(A), while the actual new 10Ah battery discharges at 7.0A, the duration is only about 90-95min, and the 6-DZM-12 battery discharges at 7.0A. Discharge time is about 110-115min, if you configure a 6-DZM-12 battery, it can barely cope.
        The phenomenon of "small horse-drawn carts" has accelerated the decay of battery capacity, and the mileage of vehicles continued to drop significantly, causing users to complain constantly and affecting the reputation of vehicles and batteries. Therefore, once the configuration of the vehicle is determined, it is necessary to select the appropriate battery.