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        What can an electric bike do for me?

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        Using an electric bike, you can:

        1. Reduce the cost of travelling to work, as a single battery charge costs 6 pence.

        2. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise, conveniently and without strain.

        3. Save on parking costs by using bike infrastructure - Or even the cost of a second car entirely.

        4. Take leisure trips through and up hilly areas to see new destinations.

        5. Overcome barriers to cycling like sports injuries, minor disabilities, or asthma and similar problems.

        6. Have a form of independent transport that's there whenever you need it. 9 out of 10 car journeys in the UK are under 10 miles, an easy, enjoyable trip on an electric bike.

        If you need electric bicycle, we can provide high quality electric bicycle for you.

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