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        What is an electric bike?

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        A lithium battery electricbicycle is simply a conventional pedal cycle that has an integrated motor and battery to assist the rider. This extra power enables the rider to perform above and beyond what they would normally be able to manage and as such confers a number of advantages.

        An e-cyclist is not deterred by hills or longer distances, because the bike provides a level of assistance as the user pedals. The level of power is up to the rider and normally controlled with simple handlebar mounted power settings.

        In this way high quality electric bikes enable you to cycle with as much or as little effort as you like. With the motor off or on low power, you benefit from the same level as exercise as a regular bike, but when you are tired or come to a hilly area the bike can assist you.

        This is useful as it prevents overtraining and means you can get to work without breaking a sweat. It also means those with who are less physically able can enjoy regular cycling.

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