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        A green revolution - electric bicycle

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        It's not very often something comes along that has the potential to change the way we do things on a daily basis. But there is a quiet revolution going on at the moment, and it's changing the way many of us commute, to work, the shops, local errands, etc, or just going out and enjoying the outdoors. This new mode of transport that people are embracing is the electric bicycle. You could call it the green revolution, because electric bicycles are environmentally friendly, as they have zero carbon emissions. All you have to do is re-charge the battery, which normally takes four to six hours, and away you go. Most have a range of around 30 kilometres or so, which is more than enough for local commutes.

        As an electricbicycle manufacturer in China, we provide high quality electricbicycle for the European, American and Australasian market, should be purpose designed for that target market and local conditions, and approved by the relevant regulatory bodies in that country.

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