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        You just need a electric bicycle

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        Our company offers affordable and comfortable bikes that anyone can ride. If you can ride a traditional bike, then you can ride an electric bike. With a flip of the switch, you can turn on the “Pedal Assist” function and the electric motor does all of the work. Just relax and enjoy the ride! For maximum control, there are 3-5 level of speeds depending on the bike you choose.

        All of our electric bicycle come with a throttle on the handle bars that allows you to control the speed with a twist of the wrist. Turning the throttle propels the bike up to 20 MPH without pedaling. Don't feel like using the motor and want a workout, simply turn off the power and you can ride the it like a regular bike and pedal until you are ready to let the bike do the work for you.

        Eectric bikes are the future of travel.

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