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        Tech Specs about choosing high quality electricbicycle

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        You Can Go Long(ish): High quality electricbicycles are great for commuting and even some long-distance travel. Consider this: a car can travel about 289 miles on a tank of gas (assuming an average of 24.1 miles per gallon for a 2015 model year car). Extracycles go 18-60 miles per charge, and a fully charged Elby e-bike can go 95 miles on gentle terrain. (Some e-bikes even have ranges greater than electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3.)

        It's Easy to Plug In: If you can find an outlet, you can charge your bike. Unlike electric cars, which require dedicated charging stations, most e-bikes plug in anywhere. Some even have removable batteries, which make it even more convenient to charge. (Elby says to plan around four hours to get their e-bikes fully charged.)

        You Can DIY: It's possible to turn any pedal bike into a pedal-assist bike with devices like the Copenhagen wheel, or retrofit kits from BionX, E-Rad, and LEED USA.

        Some Throttle, Some Don't: Not all e-bikes have a throttle. In some, the bike's electric assist technology kicks in when sensors determine the rider needs help in a headwind or getting up a hill.

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