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        Why do we choose electric bicycle?

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        More and more people choose electric bicycle as their transportation.

        Speedy Enough: Think cars are that much faster than an e-bike? Think again. The average car speed for around-town driving is 18 mph. Average e-bike speed? A very respectable 15 mph.

        Yes, They Still Count as Exercise: A new University of Colorado Boulder study says that regular e-bike usage has health benefits. Though they’re pedal assist, a e-bike can still give you a workout, improving your cardiovascular health, fitness, and aerobic capacity. The results were most prevalent in previously sedentary riders.

        They Eliminate Much of the Heavy Lifting: Many e-bikes let you haul a load sweat-free. For example, Extracycles’ Bosch Electric Assist system helps you maintain an average speed of 15 mph, even when you’re bike is loaded with 400 pounds' worth of rider and gear.

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