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        Understand weight and placement of electric bike

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        Weight plays an important role in how an electric bike may or may not fit in your life. Heavier bikes are harder to lift and will hurt more if they fall on you or a friend at the bike rack. This really comes into play if you ever have to walk your bike home after getting a flat tire or running out of battery and can be a limiting factor if you live upstairs or plan to ride the bus/train and have to lift it a lot. Some electric bikes are too heavy for traditional racks like those on the front of busses and might even be too heavy for your car’s roof mounted bike rack! Think about all of this before buying but also realize you can reduce the weight by removing the battery pack or explore options like electric powered trailers.

        Where the battery pack is mounted on the electric bike also makes a difference. The higher up it is, the higher your center of gravity will be and that can cause the bike to tip over sideways or even backwards more easily. I prefer mid-frame designs that keep the battery low but some of my favorite high-end bikes still use a rear saddle-rack design that can work okay if the battery isn’t too heavy.

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