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        What Should We Attention When Rides Electric Bike In Rain And Snow Weather?

        Writer:EZ bikeNumber of visits: Date:2018年5月24日 18:16
        After riding on electric bike, all know that when the rain and snow brakes, tire slippage often occurs.
        One-hand brake is easy to slip. Due to the unsynchronized braking time of the front and rear wheels, the tire is naturally slippery. Especially those electric bikes with poor linearity in the front and rear wheels are particularly prone to slippage. Therefore, the brakes in rain and snow days should be as close as possible to both hands.
        EZ bike strictly controls the linearity of the electric bicycle, so the cn electric bicycle is very stable.
        Emergency brakes are easy to slip. I do not know if you have this feeling, but the brakes on the rainy days have become more sensitive? That's because there is rain on the brake pads on rainy days, the friction coefficient increases, and the brake disc temperature is low and the brakes are extremely sensitive. In the event of an emergency brake, the tires are easily locked.
        Although the brakes can become sensitive, the tires and the ground are more slippery, so in rain and snow weather, we should pay attention to avoid emergency braking.

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