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        How To Choose a Suitable Electric Bicycle For Work?

        Writer:EZ bikeNumber of visits: Date:2018年5月15日 16:55
        1. Choose a big brand by lithium battery electric bicycle exporter. There will be more after-sales points. Don't be fooled into buying cheap branded goods. Instead, spend more money and buy a rest assured.
        2. Choose a wide tire of high quality electric bicycle. In rain, it is not easy to slip, and turning is not easy to fall.
        3. Select the battery with high amperage. The high voltage indicates that it is running fast, and Ampere says it is long. The battery car is not as strong as a motorcycle, and it is also less safe. The faster it runs, the more dangerous it is. On the contrary, choosing a strong life, and reducing the trouble caused by frequent charging, is the convenience of real benefits.
        4. Select rear wheel brakes. It is for security reasons.