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        Improper Selection Of Charger Parameters Accelerates Electric Bike Battery Damage

        Writer:EZ bikeNumber of visits: Date:2018年5月5日 11:57
        As we all know, the accuracy of the parameters of the high quality electric bicycle charger directly affects the service life of the electric bike battery. At present, the commonly used three-stage charger has its main technical parameters of constant current, maximum voltage, conversion current, and float voltage. The highest voltage and switching current determine whether or not a group of batteries can be fully charged and overcharged. Two important parameters, the size of the constant current value within a certain range is only the length of time required to determine sufficient electricity.
        As long as the floating charge voltage is not a large offset range and does not float for a long time, it has little effect on the battery charge level of the electric battery produced by electricbike factory. The required parameters for a battery pack of a certain size are definitely a range value, and for every charger, it is definitely a value.

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