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Improper Selection Of Charger Parameters Accelerates Electric Bike Battery Damage

Writer:EZ bikeDate:May 5,2018
As we all know, the accuracy of the parameters of the high quality electric bicycle charger directly affects the service life of the electric bike battery. At present, the commonly used three-stage charger has its main technical parameters of constant current, maximum voltage, conversion current, and float voltage. The highest voltage and switching current determine whether or not a group of batteries can be fully charged and overcharged. Two important parameters, the size of the constant current value within a certain range is only the length of time required to determine sufficient electricity.
As long as the floating charge voltage is not a large offset range and does not float for a long time, it has little effect on the battery charge level of the electric battery produced by electricbike factory. The required parameters for a battery pack of a certain size are definitely a range value, and for every charger, it is definitely a value.

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